Stony Point Surgery Center’s Unparalleled Safety Record

Stony Point Surgery Center (SPSC) ended 2008 with yet another major accomplishment: Its safety record for the year far exceeded national norms, with an outstanding 0.00007% post-operative infection rate (1 in 14,875 cases). SPSC is a healthy environment to begin with— there are no sick patients coughing in the corridors. The average surgery time is typically shorter and the surgical site exposure is less compared to a traditional, inpatient procedure. Patients themselves are healthier when they arrive, and SPSC wants them to leave that way. This year, the center, which is Virginia’s largest and busiest multispecialty surgery center, successfully completed a rigorous Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) review and scored among the highest in the nation for patient satisfaction, with 99% of patients saying they were extremely satisfied with their care. “Ambulatory surgery centers are some of the most highly regulated health care providers in the country. In addition to AAAHC reviews, our record of safety and quality is carefully evaluated by Medicare and the Virginia state licensing board,” explains Michael Armstrong Jr., M.D., chief
of the SPSC medical staff. “While we are very pleased with the positive remarks we received from official reviewers this year, nothing is more important than providing high-quality healthcare.” Patients also give high scores to SPSC for comfort, care, safety and privacy.

“Our facility was designed with these key elements in mind and equipped with advanced technology, effective anesthetics and less invasive techniques to serve patients whose surgical needs do not require an overnight stay,” says Dr. Armstrong. “Personalized care is what we provide. Everyone here, from the front desk staff to the nurses and technicians in the Ors and recovery areas, is highly skilled and focused on patient care. Physicians are able to schedule procedures conveniently, assemble teams of specially trained staff, and ensure the equipment and supplies being used are best suited to their techniques. Warm, personalized attention is extended to family members and other care providers as well.” SPSC also gets high marks for efficiency. Because the center is freestanding, not a part of an inpatient hospital, each patient is the priority of the day.  Appointments can be arranged at convenient times with fewer delays and disruptions from emergencies.
The average time spent at SPSC is much shorter and more comfortable than at most hospitals, and patients typically return rapidly to work, school and normal activities.

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